Monitor Your SEO Success

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, July 21, 2010


SEO success not only means generating lots of traffic to your site, it is about developing your website to suit the needs of your end users, thereby increasing your chances for organic traffic flow to your page. Keeping track of your keyword performance, adjusting your terms and updating your site as necessary is mandatory for creating optimal pages for your users. Once you’ve optimized your site to work for your ideal consumer, your chances for reaching your goals skyrocket. 

Using an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, you can get feedback on pages visited, inbound links, daily traffic, average time on site and more. Monitoring traffic and adjusting your site’s content to better serve your end user is key in creating a successful and profitable website. 

One way to monitor your SEO success is to keep track of your search engine rankings. Keeping an eye on your position in search rankings, as well as that of your competitors, allows you to closely watch your campaign’s progress. Use the information on your keyword performance, position changes and trends in your placement to guide you in updating your keyword choices and further developing your site to identify and attract your ideal client base. 

Bounce rates are another factor to consider in analyzing your SEO efforts. For example, if you are selling organic dog biscuits and people who come to your page through doing a search for “organic dog biscuits” quickly leave without taking any action, the search engine will take note and start sending future traffic to your competitors. Using bounce rates data on your keywords and phrases, you can figure out what your users are looking for and optimize your site to create the best experience for them once they arrive. That way they’ll stick around and take action instead of hitting their back button. 

Keeping track of your SEO efforts’ performance and updating your site accordingly is a time-consuming operation but when done well, the payoffs are more than worth it.



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