LWT-215O Family of 21” Touch Screen Monitors Caltron Industries

New Series of 21.5 in Touchscreens Provide Options for Innovative Applications

The new line of LWT-215O 21.5in touchscreen monitors from Caltron Industries enables application and equipment design engineers to meet the demands of a variety of interface requirements for large-screen applications.  Resistive and capacitive touch options have been integrated, offering great flexibility for different use applications.

With the different types of touch technology available, the LWT-215O series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including digital signage, gaming, entertainment, ATMs, kiosks, and the medical industry.

Choices include:

  • The LWT-215OR features resistive touch, the most widespread touch technology today. Resistive touch is activated by a finger or an object such as a stylus.
  • The LWT-215OC implements projected capacitive touch technology, also known as P-Cap, which is commonly found in smartphones. P-Cap is great for applications where a person may wear gloves. It also allows a user to manipulate an image by using more than one finger at a time.

Selecting the appropriate touchscreen technology depends on how the screen is used, especially for gloved or covered-hand applications. Resistive touch costs less and uses less energy. P-Cap offers clearer screen images and resists scratching, even when used for hours at a time. It also works well on large screens.

Caltron Industries’ team of application engineers assists clients in determining which touch technology is best for their requirements.

Open-Frame Design of Durable LWT-215O Facilitates Fast Retrofits

All Caltron touchscreen monitor solutions feature an enduring open-frame design. An LWT-215O monitor, with its sturdy metal enclosure, can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing system.

Future upgrades will also be simple, since the open-frame design will remain consistent with every new generation of LCD panels that Caltron produces.

Caltron’s upgraded LWT-215O series also utilizes:

  • LED backlight technology, for increased energy efficiency. LED backlighting replaces mercury-based CCFL technology, which can also pose a hazard to the environment.
  • On-screen display (OSD) management that eliminates human error. Only a service team using required key combinations can open OSD controls.
  • Vents in the metal chassis that provide heat dissipation superior to that of a noisy fan that needs maintenance.

Customizable features include a privacy filter and energy-saving zero brightness control. Brightness on the LWT-215OR is 200 nits, or candlelight per square meter, while brightness on the LWT-215OC is 225 nits. Both touchscreen monitors are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

Touchscreens of 22 Inches Give Way to the LWT-215O

Over several years, the 21.5-inch LCD panel has replaced 22-inch panels for industrial use because, according to Jim Wang, president of Caltron Industries, “the newer models’ functional application specifications are superior to previous models. Viewing angles are wider and the resolution has improved dramatically for a better user experience.”

For the LWT-215O series, viewing angles have been improved to 178 degrees, left to right and top to bottom. A resolution of 1920×1080 makes the LWT-215O perfect for high-definition applications.

Caltron Industries has the right 21.5 inch touchscreen model for your business application. Call 510-440-1800 today to speak to a sales engineer. You may also email us for more information.

Originally posted on www.caltronind.com


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