Leave Plumbing Repairs to a Plumber

Inexperienced do-it-yourselfers often make plumbing problems worse. It’s wise to leave most plumbing repairs or renovations to a professional plumber.

Even those who are adept at other household tasks are often challenged when it comes to unclogging drains or fixing leaks. Experienced plumbers are better qualified to do the work because of their knowledge of common problems, which can often result in quick fixes.

You can determine whether you need a plumber by asking a basic question:

Do I know how to turn the water off in my home?

If the answer is no, it’s better to rely on a plumber to handle situations such as these:

•    Major clogs and sewage backups. If you have unsuccessfully tried flushing a stubborn drain with vinegar and baking soda or used a plunger on a balky toilet to no avail, it’s time to summon a professional. Blockages that are deep in pipes and inaccessible from the drain, such as invading roots, require removal by a snaking tool. Sewage may also contain bacteria that pose health hazards. D.L. Vaughn discourages the use of harsh chemicals to unclog drains.

•    Pipe replacement. Installing new pipes is not a DIY project. Plumbing in even a small house can be complex. Many pipes are difficult to access or are even hidden. Knowledge of residential plumbing design is essential to ensure your fixtures, drains and pipes work correctly after being replaced.

•    Leak repair. Many leaks are located in underground pipes that probably lead out to the street. They can be detected only with video cameras and repaired with special equipment.

A plumber will also make sure all work conforms to local building codes that are designed to keep your home safe.

With a D.L. Vaughn Plumbing professional available to help you 24/7 in the Montgomery area, there’s no need to try to tackle complex plumbing problems yourself.  Call 334-265-8713 today to schedule a visit for service.

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