Is Marketing Automation the Key to Feeling in Control?

The people who think marketing automation is robotic and impersonal have it all wrong. When used correctly, marketing automation is an excellent way to streamline tasks, speak to specific audiences and speed up efficiency in the workplace. In fact, marketing automation may be the key to feeling in control, not out of it.


Why Automated Tasks are Necessary

As your business grows, it’s exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. But with each step of growth, you need to modify your business to accommodate new products, a larger customer base, more inventory and shipments and so on. If you don’t make these adjustments, your customer service and reputation will suffer, and you may end up losing customers. That’s where marketing automation comes into play. By streamlining tasks, you can offer the same level of service to your customers.

Choose Which Tasks to Automate

Just about anything can be automated, so you have to pick and choose which tasks are most critical for the growth of your business. For instance, there are programs available to merge your sales quotes, contracts, proposals and other key documents. Other programs automate emails, leads and follow up calls. At the very least, you should have CRM or SRM software available to keep your contacts organized in a database that everyone can use.

Benefits to Marketing Automation

There are many benefits to using marketing automation. These include:

  • Increases sales
  • Efficient lead management
  • Saves time and money
  • Maintains efficiency
  • Provides detailed reports
  • Makes the most of your resources

No One Slips through the Cracks

Lastly, marketing automation makes sure that no customers fall through the cracks. When you’re handling everything manually, it’s easy to make mistakes, especially as your business grows. But with automated programs, you have an organized list of contacts, and you’re able to measure every aspect of the lead nurturing process. Additionally, rather than selling to customers once, you can use automation software to upsell or cross-sell, resulting in more purchases and more money spent on those purchases.

Bottom line: Don’t be scared of marketing automation. It’s not cold or impersonal. It won’t take away from the personal connection you have with customers. If anything, it does the opposite.

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