Improve Your SEO Results with YouTube

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you have a YouTube account so you can keep track of the videos you enjoy, you might want to consider ways to improve your SEO with YouTube. Maybe it’s time to create a video for your business and start building some traffic to your site.

 People search YouTube every day for all kinds of things. You can take advantage of this movement to increase your SEO efforts, find new customers, increase conversions and more. Any topic that your target audience would be interested in can make a good video for your business. Business strategies, information about your products, a welcome to our site or thank you video are just a few of many ideas you could use. A good video can be anything informative, entertaining, instructive or inspirational. 

Hook up your camcorder, which probably came with your PC, then sit down and record a video just like you were talking to a friend. If you want to edit your work, download one of the many freeware programs available and polish your video until it shines. The better the quality, the greater the response. 

When you’re finished, sign in to your YouTube account and upload it. Be sure to include good SEO keywords in the title, tags, and description as you’re setting everything up. This can really make a difference in how many viewers you’ll get. 

Writing a good description is important since that’s how viewers will determine if they want to invest their time in your video. Again, use appropriate keywords, choosing them carefully so you pick the terms your target market will search for to find you. 

Invite your friends, website visitors and subscribers to view and comment on your video. You could gain a lot more traffic when others read the comments, which will increase your SEO efforts even more. While you may want to rebut negative comments, don’t let them worry you. Even they can increase your site visits since they can make people curious to learn more about you and your business. However they get to your site can be a benefit if you give them a reason to stay once they’re there. 

One of your most valuable business assets is your website. Of course, people do earn money without one, but it’s much more difficult, so why chance it? Grow a business more quickly by making your site work for you and improving your SEO results with YouTube.

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