The Importance of Search Engine Optimization to Your Website

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Never underestimate the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your website’s success. Without it, your site is virtually useless. Search engines use a program that sends out “spiders” to trawl through every single site on the web and these are what determine your website’s rankings in search results based on your keywords.

Using keywords that are relevant to your business helps potential visitors find your site. However, since you’re competing with millions of other, similar sites, relevancy is critical. But it’s also important that you don’t overuse keywords, because that’s considered “spam” which the search engines don’t like at all and will affect your rankings adversely.

You have to select a small number of keywords that are the most relevant to your site and are the words you expect most potential viewers will use to search for your site. Place those chosen words strategically throughout your website as part of the content. Ensure they flow naturally when you read the content because if they don’t, the search engines will also pick up on that and react negatively. It’s a fine line.

Every website should also have a site map. This is a guide to help visitors navigate to the various pages on your site. Some sites are very basic and only have a few pages, while others are extremely complex and can take hours to scour. The search engine spiders go through every single page on your site and if things don’t work correctly, the search engines may have a negative reaction, which doesn’t help your rankings at all.

Search engine optimization is vitally important to the success of your website, so make sure your content is as accurate as possible. Your efforts may not pay off overnight, but they will pay off—in better rankings and more visitors.



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