How to Make Your Blog Images Stand Out on Social Media

You probably already know the many advantages to using visual media in your content. Visuals are processed by the brain faster than text, and most information transmitted to the brain is in a visual form. Images and video content are also far more likely to engage your audience, encourage them to visit on your site longer and get them to convert. With so many benefits, it’s not surprising that marketers are implementing more visual media into their content. But what if you’re doing this and you’re still having a hard time getting your images to stand out, particularly on your blog?

Here are a few pointers to make your images more engaging.

Give Them a Purpose

Whatever type of image you have posted on your blog, make sure that it has a purpose. The image should correlate with the content that is written and not be too abstract in nature. This gives the reader an idea of what they will read about. It can also influence them before they start reading. Examples: A funny photo = funny read. A lively, nature-infused photo = inspiring content. A human face attaches a person to your story.

Make an Impression

Although visuals are an excellent way to boost your content marketing strategy, it won’t knock people out of the park, at least right away. Just as you’ve heard the term “content overload,” the same is true for visual content. There are so many images and videos out there, you don’t want yours to be just another one in the crowd. So, if you’re deciding between a couple of images, go with the one that will capture more attention.

Use Visuals for Branding

Remember when we said that your visuals should have a purpose? Well, it’s also important for them to be connected to your brand. This takes a bit of work on your end, so think about some type of consistency that would represent your brand, perhaps a style of font, your company logo in the corner, etc. What you want to achieve is that when people see your photo away from your content, it still makes sense and they can tell who it’s coming from.

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Go Custom – or at Least Try

It’s always worth it to get custom imagery. Not only do you reap the benefits listed above, but also you get an image that only your brand has. Stock imagery, on the other hand, is lazy and people know it’s cheap. But, we all need it from time to time thanks to budget or time constraints. So, learn to balance your images and where they come from. When you can’t get a custom image made for your content, use high-quality stock photography that is free or inexpensive. Examples include PicJumbo, Unsplash, Little Visuals and Splitshire.

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