How to Get More from Your Linked In Groups

LinkedIn groups are the perfect places to meet new people, expand your professional network and call attention to your brand. The problem is that many members are unsure of how to engage in these groups. You may be one of them. Do you really understand how to get the most from your LinkedIn groups, or are you instead approaching the arrangement with sporadic posts and discussions?


Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to engage your LinkedIn Groups.

Post Good Content on a Consistent Basis


There’s no need to overpost on LinkedIn as you might with Twitter. No one is going to take you seriously if you keep posting on various topics without ever letting the discussion emerge. It’s best to post about 2-3 times per week and let the discussion flow naturally based on the topics you provide.


Ask Leading Questions


When you do post an article or blog, don’t just type in a headline and leave it at that. In order to engage your group members, you need to point out something interesting in the text, ask a question or share a statistic. This will pull people in and start a meaningful discussion.


Engage in Group Discussions


Don’t just engage in the discussions you start. This will make it look like you only care about the stuff you post, or you only join in when it’s convenient for you. Instead, engage in other discussions by commenting and asking questions. This is how you build relationships, expand your network and show others that you care about a wide range of topics.


Have a Reliable Posting Schedule


Your group wants to see regular posts come through, so take the time to create a content posting schedule that you know you can stick to. Two to three times a week is adequate, but don’t go any more than one new piece of information a day. If you don’t think you can commit to this, then it’s better to close the group. There’s no reason to have one if you can’t give your members the time they deserve.


Acknowledge All Interactions


It takes time to establish a group, and once you do, be prepared for regular interaction. Even simple comments warrant acknowledgment, even if it’s just a thank you. This is how you show others that you’re there and listening, and it will establish the foundation for your group. Over time, relationships between members will grow because of the tone you’ve set.


LinkedIn is a social network in a class of its own, so it’s important to utilize it as it was meant to be. Promote your discussions, share links and engage with other groups. Over time, people will be led to you and want to be a part of your group because of the insight you provide.

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