How to Create More Meaningful Relationships on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 380 million users and is the largest professional network on the Internet. Once you’ve built your profile and added a few photos, the best way to enhance your experience is by adding connections.


It’s not difficult to expand your network. You’ve probably added a few connections yourself or have been pursued by others. But how many of these connections are actually meaningful? Which connections do you know and speak to on a regular basis? Can you really vouch for their experience or skills?


If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn, it’s important that you have valuable connections rather than superficial ones. Let’s explore some of the ways that you can solidify better relationships on the professional network.


Participate in Groups


One of the best ways to form authentic connections is by participating in groups. LinkedIn groups get the conversation flowing so that you can talk freely, discuss a variety of topics, share your opinion and so forth. This is how people get to learn more about you and you about them. Over time, you emerge as more than just a person with a profile.


Help Your Connections Meet Others


The purpose of being on LinkedIn is to expand your professional network, so it pays to introduce connections to others who may be valuable to them. Too often, people leave this up to LinkedIn since the network does a suitable job of referring people and creating connections. But don’t expect LinkedIn to do all the work for you. Reach out to others and recommend valuable connections.


Be Polite and Professional


Make sure that your profile is professional. You have room to be funny and quirky on other social networks. If you’re not sure if something fits within your profile, think about whether or not you would say it to a business associate. Let this be a guide as to what’s appropriate and what’s not in your wording. Also be sure to practice good manners by responding to messages and connection requests quickly.


Go Offline


LinkedIn is a great way to find new connections, but it’s best when you actually know the person or know that you will see them in the future. That’s why it’s smart to look for connections in the real world, such as at a trade show or business conference. Once you establish a new contact, ask if you can look them up on LinkedIn.


Add a Personal Touch


Don’t automatically resort to the automated messages that are on LinkedIn. Add a personal touch by customizing each connection request with a reminder of how the person knows you or why they should connect with you. This builds more meaningful connections right off the bat and shows that you take the platform – and your connections – seriously.


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