How Content Will Affect SEO in 2016

As a content manager, it’s crucial that you stay on top of content shifts that can change the dynamics of your content marketing strategy. If you’re not planning ahead, you’ll be playing catch up all the time. With a new year in tow, now is a great time to start building out your editorial calendar and determining what topics you plan to expand on, which networks you plan to share on and more. As you build out your campaigns, keep in mind how content will impact your SEO strategy.


Let’s take a look at some of the ways that content will change SEO in 2016.


Mobile Content


Content writers need to put their written works out there for a mobile audience. This means that you need to identify with the mobile reader – not just readers in general. Mobile users are reading from a smaller screen, so the font needs to be large and easy to read. They tend to be on the go, so short, direct sentences that can be scanned over are ideal. It’s also important to break up your text using bullet points, headings and more. As Google fine tunes its ranking algorithms, it will be favoring content that is designed for the mobile user.


Mobile Devices


Not only should your content be formatted to fit your mobile audience, but also it needs to be consistent across devices. Whether a person is using a tablet, smartphone or some other gadget that we have yet to know about, your content should offer the same experience. Again, Google will be rewarding responsive websites with better rankings.


Social Media


More users are skipping right over the search engines to find what they’re looking for. They’re now searching within social networks to find visually-rich data. Not only will you need to optimize your content for the search engines but also social media. This optimization strategy should include keyword research and quality visuals.




Facebook content continues to dominate, so your strategy should include posting as much content as possible to the network. People young and old use Facebook, so you can be certain that you’ll reach a large audience. Plus, Facebook’s Instant Article publishing feature will be launched this year and fully functional by quarter three. The feature is promising for content marketers and publishers.


Bottom line: Don’t underestimate quality content in 2016. It should remain a core part of your online marketing strategy for SEO purposes and beyond.


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