Google Instant

 Kevin Dean – Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A month ago Google launched its new search engine, Google Instant and the SEO blogosphere went bananas. People across the web were making huge proclamations like, “SEO is Dead!” and wringing their hands in anticipation of what was coming next. SEO authorities declared that Google Instant was going to revolutionize the way Internet marketers thought and worked. 

And it did … kind of. 

We’re a few weeks into this new era of web searches and from most reports, not a whole lot has changed. So far keyword search rankings haven’t been significantly impacted and neither have the numbers on search term length. 

There has been one notable positive result: organic traffic to websites is up, which is great news for Internet marketers. As Google Instant refines search terms while a user types, they also personalize the results so that a user has a much better chance of finding exactly what they are looking for. 

How is that great news for Internet marketers? 

Well, for businesses who have pinpointed their ideal client and have targeted their marketing toward them specifically, Google Instant is a new best friend. The combined forces of a company’s well planned SEO efforts and Google Instant’s ability to produce individualized search results create the optimal atmosphere for joining marketers with their target audience faster and more accurately than ever!



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