Google Instant Boosts SEO Efforts

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, September 14, 2010

As always, Google has been hard at work trying to improve user experience and reduce the time it takes to complete a search inquiry. This time their efforts have paid off in the form of a new search enhancement: Google Instant. A new, advanced search engine, Google Instant returns search results with each letter you type, thereby helping you refine your search as you enter your term, rather than refining by trial and error. 

Google Instant, not only suggests word and phrases as you enter your search term, actual results are shown on the page, and they change with each successive letter you type. Turns out, the biggest drain on turnaround time for a search inquiry on plain old Google was user-centric in that the person conducting the search had to type in a phrase, hit enter, evaluate the results and refine their term as many times as necessary to get what they were looking for. The innovation of Google Instant has solved all that. 

So, how is this good news for SEO? Well, you’ve already done the research to select the perfect keywords and phrases to attract the clients who would benefit most from your services. Now Google Instant will help guide them to those keywords and phrases, even if they don’t come up with them on their own. As Google Instant helps users refine their searches to get exactly what they’re looking for, your chances of being connected to your ideal customers increases. 

Another benefit is that the number of results a person will see based on a single search is going to multiply exponentially. Say with each letter you type, you see the top ten results. A five-letter word is exposing the user to 50 results along the way as opposed to the top ten they would have seen once they entered the entire word. The volume alone optimizes your chances of being seen.


Plus, for the countless number of people who use Google Instant while logged in, results are personalized which means your odds of connecting with your perfect potential client are higher than ever.



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