Getting More Leverage from Article Marketing

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Using article to market your business is a huge aspect of good SEO. This strategy alone can practically build all the website traffic you might want. It can certainly gain you a higher search engine ranking and grow your business online more quickly. And there are a many ways to gain more leverage from your article marketing efforts.

• Choose the five largest article directories online (based on – rankings and submit your articles to each of them. There’s really no need to submit to more than five since that could actually diminish your article’s value in the search engines because of their duplicate content issues.

• Print various articles and mail them to your clients and prospects with a post-it note attached telling how you thought they might find this information useful.

• Read the article into a tape recorder or camcorder and post the recording on your website, being sure to promote it with social marketing tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

• Include an article or two in packets you hand out to conference or seminar attendees.

• Select several of your best articles and compile them into an ebook you can offer from your website or to new ezine subscribers.

• Offer your original articles to your local or community newspapers and magazines.

• Print a small booklet of an exceptionally good article or two, and mail one to each of your customers, or include in orders you ship.

• Add a copy of one or two articles to your media kit.

• Choose one or two of your best articles, frame them, and hang them on a wall in your office for everyone to see.



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