Getting a Jump on the SEO Game

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When you’re building a website for your online company, it’s important to have your SEO priorities in order from the beginning. So often, Internet marketers wait until after their site is designed and launched to think about SEO tactics, which leads to headaches that could have been avoided if they had started the process earlier in the game.

Whether you’re creating a brand new site or redesigning and re-launching an existing one, it’s important to keep search engines in mind from the start so you don’t end up with more costly changes once your site is up and running.

Getting an SEO expert involved early in the process can help you get the best search results for a new website and help you avoid a significant drop in traffic when a redesigned site is re-launched.

An SEO expert can help you make sure that your site is not only search engine friendly, but also assist you in researching and creating the best possible keywords and keyword phrases to attract your ideal clients and customers. Your SEO expert can then work with your web designer to integrate your keywords and phrases into the design itself, as well as serve as an additional set of eyes to watch for possible design flaws or inadvertent barriers to search engine traffic results.

Developing your SEO strategy early on in the design process will allow you to create an effective advertising campaign as well as get a jump on generating the right amount, and right type, of content for your pages to drive the most relevant traffic to your site.

Perhaps the most important aspect of developing an effective site is your navigation structure. Together your web designer and your SEO expert can develop a plan that will benefit your visitors as well as improve your search engine rankings at the same time. Win-win!


Although simultaneously hiring both a web designer and an SEO expert to create your new site may initially stretch your pocketbook a bit, getting a head start on your marketing tactics will not only give you a greater chance of having a successful site from the get-go, in the long run you’ll save (and make!) more money.

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