The New Ford-Google Alliance Announces Promotion of Driverless Cars

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Ford Motor Company and Google are teaming up to support Ford driverless car development. In what’s being called an unusual coalition, the traditional automaker and the technology leader have joined together to lead an alliance of companies who are proponents of federal approval of driverless cars. The partnership’s purpose is to promote regulations that favor entirely autonomous vehicles. Some believe this signals the two companies are also moving towards cooperation on the development of driverless models.

In addition to Ford and Google, the coalition includes Swedish carmaker Volvo, as well as ride-sharing firms Uber and Lyft, with all five of the founding members focused on public policy issues. The spokesperson for the group is former top auto safety regulator David Strickland.

Ford has recently acknowledged it is exploring potential partnerships on autonomous vehicles. Ford spokesperson Christin Baker was careful to point out Ford’s involvement with Google was not to be seen as an indication that the two giants were working together on a driverless model.

The new alliance of companies, known as the “Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets,” has given testimony at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s second hearing on how to develop national guidelines for the use of driverless cars on America’s roads.

The nation’s top auto safety regular, Mark Rosekind, testified the federal government hoped the technology for driverless vehicles would help reduce annual death tolls from traffic accidents (in 2014 alone, nearly 33,000 people died in auto accidents). He further attested, more than 90% of yearly vehicle accidents were caused by drivers making unsafe decisions behind the wheel. Mr. Rosekind believes driverless car technology has the potential to prevent some of those accidents, adding, “We are focused on promoting safety innovation that can do the most to save lives.”

This past January, the Obama administration expressed a desire to accelerate regulatory guidelines for driverless cars. It also stated it plans to invest in research to help bring the cars to market, but Toyota expressed an opposing view. General Motors and Toyota testified separately at the hearing, with a Toyota official suggesting regulators delay setting requirements for self-driving technology until it was introduced to the market.

Although we can’t confirm a Ford driverless car is in the works just yet, we can admit Ford’s commitment to safety is a driving force behind this partnership. While you excitedly await the technology of the future, take advantage of Ford’s current industry-leading technology. To learn about current Ford models and the future of Ford vehicles, call Ford Country in Las Vegas at 702-558-8063 and schedule test drive today!

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