The New 2017 Ford F-150 Eco-Boost is Announced as “Best in Class”

Fuel Efficiency Merges with Power at Ford Country in Las Vegas

Ford has revealed exciting plans for the pending 2017 F-150 release. The most notable of these updates is the outfitting of a newly refined Ford F-150 Eco Boost V6 engine and a lauded 10-speed automatic transmission. This new powerful powertrain will arrive in the Las Vegas Valley at Ford Country this fall, with improved performance and fuel efficiency in one of America’s most beloved full size, pickup trucks.

The Ford F-150 Eco Boost itself isn’t new, as this feature was first introduced on the 2011 models, just as gas prices hit an all-time high at a national average of $3.60, but this new version promises to be even more effective. The upcoming 2017 version will include a dual fuel-injection system, new turbo-chargers, new cylinder heads, new pistons and a whole host of other either brand new or fully redesigned technology.

Best in Class Torque for a V6 Beats the Competition

This second-generation 3.5 liter Eco Boost doubles down on the efficiency, capability, and performance of its predecessor. This engine is capable of providing up to 30 lb.-ft. more peak torque than its previous generation, and up to a best-in-class 450 lb.-gt. for a V6 Ford F-150; making it the only truck in this full size segment to offer a twin-turbo V6 gasoline.

Ford engineers have designed this upcoming Ford F-150 Eco Boost engine to provide best-in-class torque for a V6 engine able to beat out all of the gasoline- and diesel-powered competitors. This capability, paired with the smooth driving 10-speed automatic transmission, makes it an ideal choice for those heavy work and heavy play situations, including hauling big payloads and towing heavy trailers.

All New 10-Speed Transmission Adds Power and Fuel Efficiency

The all-new 10-speed transmission designed specifically for improved performance in the Ford F-150 provides improved acceleration and performance when compared with previous year models, in addition to leading competitors in the same field. It’s capable of doing this thanks to an optimized wide-span gear spacing that’s coupled with drag-reduction activation. That’s three overdrive gears set against a wider ratio span to allow lower real-axle ratios ultimately improving fuel efficiency at highway speeds. This is happening without compromising integrity and enables the 2017 Ford F-150 to maintain its best-in-class towing recommendation.

As Kevin Norris, Ford’s manager of this exciting new 10-speed transmission release, remarked in a recent interview, “When you combine the [engine and transmission], it creates a powertrain combination that is truly unbeatable in the segment. It’s not about efficiency or performance. It’s about efficiency and performance.”

Truly, with the combination of a fuel-efficient engine with a transmission that can handle hard work and harder play, it’s a match made in heaven. And that’s a match many Ford-truck enthusiasts have been waiting for. The new 2017 model will go on sale this fall, with a few more bells and whistles yet to be announced. So mark your calendars, or even better, contact Ford Country in Las Vegas about setting a date to see the 2017 Ford F-150 Eco Boost V6 for yourself, as soon as it arrives.

About Ford Country Las Vegas

Ford Country Las Vegas, part of the Gaudin Motor Company family, was established in 1996 and continues to lead in the industry as a top 100 Ford dealership in the country. Located in the Henderson Valley Auto Mall, Ford Country is made up of highly trained professionals who share a steadfast commitment to its customers and their needs. Ford Country is designed to serve as both a credited dealership, anchored by a state-of-the-art open showroom, and a full service automotive department that features Quick Lane maintenance for customer convenience. The facilities also invites guests to dine at Ford Country’s popular Mustang Sally’s Diner, adjacent to the showroom and features 60s style décor and delicious diner-style cuisine. Ford Country is home to Motorsport Enthusiast, a custom shop that offers automotive accessories and apparel. For more information, visit

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