Easy Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, March 08, 2011

When it comes to the social media marketing game and trying as a business to amass the largest online community you can, there are some surprisingly simple formulas for creating and developing a mammoth following. In many ways, developing social media contacts for your company and services in cyberspace is a lot like making friends in real life. In order to make new friends in real life, you have to get out into the world to forge connections with new people and the same goes for Internet relationships. To build a tribe of clients and business contacts in social media communities, you have to actively pursue that world through making your own profile and putting yourself out there.

Twitter is a great network to get started with. People there are generally looking for ways to extend their communities so their own thoughts can be heard, so they tend to be very open to following new people. We’ve got three easy steps for building and growing your social network community of followers after you’ve set up your Twitter profile. Think of it like meeting new people at a party. So, treat your Twitter account like a community mixer.

1.  Introduce Yourself

The way you introduce yourself to a new person on Twitter is to follow them – with the intention being to get them to follow you back. Start your core group by following your friends and people you know will follow your Tweets. Then extend your range to include people who share common interests with you and your business. To begin, find your competitors or experts in your field and follow the people who follow them. 

2.  Start a Conversation

You’re on Twitter, you’ve made the introductions, now it’s time to start making small talk. Tweet your thoughts, tips, ideas, current events or interests on a regular basis, but don’t be overwhelming. Keep the chatter professional and client appropriate, yet make your Tweets unique and authentic. You want to develop a rapport with your followers and the best way to do that is to be yourself.

3.  Throw Your Own Party

Invite people to hang out with you by advertising your Twitter link on your website, in your email signature and in newsletters or articles. Encourage people who are already your mailing list contacts and blog readers to follow you on Twitter too.

Don’t be shy about approaching new folks to follow. Remember, in general, people who don’t want to meet people tend to avoid social gatherings. It’s the ones who do want to get out, make new acquaintances and forge new relationships, who go to all the events. Now get your virtual cocktail party gear on and enjoy your Tweeting!

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