Easy-To-Follow Air Conditioning Service Tips

A home or business that stays cool and comfortable in the heat of the day is one that keeps your family or customers comfortable and happy. Make sure your system is running efficiently during even the most torrid hot spells with these air conditioning service tips:

  • Note warning signs that your AC is not operating properly. Some indications that you may need repairs include: smelly indoor air, odd noises coming from the system, or instances when circuit breakers are repeatedly tripped. An AC system that blows air but takes a long time to cool the indoors is another problem.
  • Perform simple AC maintenance yourself. Replacing or cleaning air filters every month and keeping the outdoor unit free of leaves, dirt or other debris is easy and makes a difference in the economical operation of your system.
  • Have a qualified HVAC contractor inspect your system at least yearly. This is perhaps the most important of all air conditioning service tips. A professional will thoroughly clean your unit and check the motor, refrigerant levels, and connections to minimize the chances of a system breakdown. Having the ductwork cleaning periodically is also a good idea.

One air conditioning service tip that can save literally hundreds of dollars a year and is simple to follow: Maintain the highest comfortable setting.

Many utilities recommend setting the thermostat at 78 degrees during the day to save on energy costs and reduce wear and tear on your cooling system. A lower thermostat setting causes your system to work much harder when outdoor temperatures are 90 degrees or higher.

Often it makes sense to replace your HVAC system with a more efficient one instead of continually servicing it. If your system requires frequent repairs and is at least 15 years old, ask your local air conditioning contractor if replacement makes financial sense.

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