Direct Mail Campaigns and Fulfillment Service

Creative Direct Mail Campaigns and Fulfillment Services

Imagine how just one well-conceived direct mail campaign by Pacific Color Graphics can jumpstart your brand:

Company A, which sells bicycles and bicycle equipment, wanted to attract more customers to its brick-and-mortar store. Market research showed that customers spend more in the store than online.

A direct mailing campaign, designed and produced by the Pacific Color Graphics team, was sent out to people on a diverse but targeted list.

Mailings included the benefits of shopping for products at the store, including taking advantage of employees’ expertise. A 20 percent discount on a purchase of more than $100 was offered. The aim was to divide the responses by demographic.

A study of the mailings redeemed at the store for the discount revealed a majority of the responses came from recipients 45 to 65 years old, many of whom had just taken up bicycling and appreciated having their questions answered in person by a knowledgeable salesperson.

Focused Direct Mail Campaigns Get Results

A second mailing was then devised by Pacific Color Graphics experts that narrowly focused on the older demographic, as they appeared more willing to visit the store. This mailing focused on products that would appeal to casual riders who were new to biking, including softer seats that offered greater comfort than conventional seats, and single-speed bikes.

The response rate of the second mailing was far better than the initial mailing. Even though fewer potential customers were targeted, the message communicated more directly to the older demographic. For a relatively small investment, and with the help of Pacific Color Graphics, Company A experienced a significant hike in sales over a sustained period.

In addition to direct mail campaigns, Pacific Color Graphics also provides top-notch fulfillment services for businesses that want to outsource professional warehousing, packing and shipping of orders.

Call 925-600-3006 today to talk to a Pacific Color Graphics customer representative about starting a direct mail marketing campaign and taking advantage of our fulfillment services.

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