Could Your Business Benefit from a Mobile App?

Mobile apps have a lot of untapped potential, but for small businesses with strict time and budget constraints, they can feel unnecessary. Yet mobile apps have extreme possibilities for small businesses, especially those that are local. Mobile apps are not for everyone, though, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to having one. If, for example, your customers are continually visiting your mobile website, an app might be a good fit for them.


Mobile App Ideas

One of the first questions that businesses ask is whether a mobile app will help them conduct business. If you have a product or service that can be easily sold over a mobile app, the answer may be obvious: a mobile app is a good fit. But, don’t be so quick to excuse the possibility of an app that is primarily used for engagement, to make people’s lives easier or to complement your existing services.

Ideas for mobile apps include:

  • Rewards and discounts
  • Tracking loyalty points
  • Support for your product or service
  • Quick tools to help customers stay connected to your brand
  • Library of content, how-tos, infographics, etc.

Tracking Success

No matter what type of app you decide to build for your business, you should define what success means. If you’re looking to sell something, success would lie in sales. But if you’re app is merely designed for support or informational purposes, you should still define what success means. For instance, if you’re a personal trainer and you create an app for clients to monitor what they are eating, how many calories they burn and so on, you can still track ROI.

DIY or Professional?

With the benefits of earning money, reaching a new set of customers and showcasing your products and services, your brand may very well benefit from a mobile app. Building an app doesn’t have to be difficult either. You can build one on your own using DIY tools on the Web, but you’ll probably find it easiest and most practical to hire a professional. This way, you don’t have to worry about the coding end of things, and you can create a beautiful, functional app that people want to use. Also, hiring a professional makes it easier for updates, revisions, etc. that come along with keeping an up-to-date app.

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