Content Marketing Ideas for November

Content marketing in november

November is an exciting month for content marketing! The biggest shopping holidays are in November – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But first, Americans must make it through Thanksgiving with their families. That’s where how-to articles and holiday survival tips come in handy. And for those who have heart come the holidays, inspirational content is welcome.Let’s look at a few content marketing ideas for November to get you started.

Thanksgiving: November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular and widely celebrated holidays. Whatever content you put together, most of your audience will be able to relate to it. The key is to find your focus. What is it that your audience loves about Thanksgiving?

Here are a few angles you can take:

  • Spending time with (or surviving!) friends and family from out of town
  • Eating a feast without feeling guilty
  • Entertaining and cooking for the holiday
  • Recipe and meal ideas and how-to tips
  • Kickstart to holiday shopping season
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • History of Thanksgiving

Holiday Shopping Season  

The holiday shopping season starts with Black Friday. And once it starts, it doesn’t stop until Christmas Eve. People are in the mood to buy – or they have no choice. This is why your marketing efforts can go stronger because people can’t wait to make the purchase. If their kid wants a sand-filled, light up, music playing bean bag chair for Christmas, well then, they better find it.

Below are some content ideas for holiday shopping:

  • Holiday shopping survival guide
  • Listicles (10 tips for waiting in line, 10 ways to score the best deals)
  • Online shopping vs in store shopping
  • Shopping on a budget or time constraint
  • Understanding various shipping options
  • Hottest toys/electronics/gadgets/gag gifts

American Diabetes Month

November doesn’t have to be all turkey and shopping. It’s also American Diabetes Month. As the seventh leading cause of death in America, diabetes is something that affects most of us. In fact, it causes more deaths than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

It’s a shame that American Diabetes Month has to fall in the same month as Thanksgiving when pumpkin pie and gravy are in excess, but maybe this is a good time to educate your readers on the some of the ways they can have their turkey and eat it, too.

Content ideas include:

  • Healthy Thanksgiving meal ideas
  • Best things to eat on the Thanksgiving table
  • Exercise tips when it’s cold outside
  • Finding motivation to be active during the dark days of winter
  • Facts/statistics about diabetes
  • Featuring people living with diabetes using the hashtag #ThisIsDiabetes

If your content marketing strategy has been in a lull, now is the time to spruce it up! November offers plenty of opportunities for content marketing – all you have to do is embrace them!

Looking to amp up your content marketing strategy for 2017? Give WSI Net Advantage a call at 510-687-9737 or fill out our contact form. We can help you create a new content strategy that generates leads and drives sales!

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