Common Causes for Printed Circuit Board Failures

Understand the Common Causes for Printed Circuit Board Failures

Component and Layout Reviews by Our Experts will Help Avoid Rework

Printed circuit boards are integral components in all electronics, including highly-sensitive medical devices, satellites, computers and the hottest wearables on the market. When a PCB in your smartphone fails, it affects your professional and personal life. PCB failure in a medical device can have far-reaching consequences and affect patient safety.

What are some of the common causes for printed circuit board failure? Our experts have provided a list and a brief overview below. 

Typical Reasons for PCB Failure

  • Component design failure: From incorrect placement of components to power failure and overheating due to lack of space on the PCB, there are many things that can go wrong at the design and manufacturing stage. Burned components are some of the most common rework projects that we receive. Let your team take advantage of our expert layout reviews and prototype feasibility assessments. We can help you reduce the risk of costly delays and loss of consumer confidence.
  • Poor quality components: Traces and pathways placed too close to each other, bad soldering leading to cold joints, poor connectivity between circuit boards, insufficient board thickness causing bending and breakage, loose components, etc. are common examples of inferior PCB quality. When you partner with our ITAR and ISO-9000 Certified PCB assembly company, you are assured of accuracy, reliability and quality. Take advantage of our part procurement services to purchase quality PCB components at affordable prices.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to heat, dust and moisture are known causes of circuit board failure. Accidental impact against a hard surface, power overloads during lightning strikes or a power surge can also cause damage. As a manufacturer, however, the most damaging is premature circuit board failure due to electrostatic discharge at the assembly stage. Our modern ESD-controlled facility with onsite testing facilities allows us to handle twice the volume of electronic prototypes while maintaining our trademark quality.
  • Age: While you cannot avoid failures caused by age, you can control the cost of replacing components. Swapping old parts for new ones is more economical than assembling new PCBs. Let our experts review your old or failed circuit boards for cost-effective PCB repair or rework Major corporations as well as small firms rely on us to save production costs and time.

Lack of thorough reviews, unclear understanding of manufacturing requirements, and poor communication between design and assembly teams, contribute to many of the above problems. Choose an experienced PCB assembly company to work with and avoid these issues.

From prototypes to quick turns, volume runs and PCB rework, we can reduce your cost and time-to-market significantly.

Request a quote for printed circuit board applications. Call Power Design Services at 408-437-1931 and talk to our team of PCB experts about how to avoid common causes for printed circuit board failure.

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