Choosing Directories for Site Submission

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, April 07, 2010

When you’re working on choosing directories for site submission, keep these ideas in mind for the best results:

• Begin with DMOZ, then look for other directories that require your site be added manually. These directories often have the highest rankings and are used by more searchers.

• Search Alexa for directories to submit to. Select the highest ranking ones first. Submit your site to as many quality directories as you can.

• Look for directories in your niche. If you sell crafts, why would you submit your site to a computer parts directory? Search for directories where visitors in your target audience could locate your site and submit to those sites.

• Don’t waste your time submitting to directories in other countries, directories that don’t offer SPAM filtering, that allow any type listing at all, or link farms. You can be sure no one will find you in such a directory, and it might even hurt your search engine rankings.

• Follow the rules to be included at each directory. If the site submission instructions say you must have link to the directory for inclusion and you choose not to, don’t bother submitting your link. You’ll just be wasting that webmasters time and your own.

• Submit your site only once. If your site doesn’t get listed within a reasonable amount of time, then email the webmaster or submit it again. But it can take a few weeks to be listed, so be patient and give it time.

• A directory that ranks high in Alexa may be worth paid inclusion, especially if it’s within your niche. Many people think that free directories are the only ones worth the effort, but paying for a quality listing in a popular directory could bring in more traffic to your site and be good for your SEO.

Quality is more important than quantity when submitting your sites to online directories, just as it is with other types of SEO and SEM. Select the best directories, follow their instructions, and it’s very likely your website will be included.

Directories are a great way to get links to your site, allow potential customers to find you, and build your rankings in the search engines. Choose wisely, use them well, and directory submissions can make a tremendous difference in your SEO.



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