Caltron’s Innovative LBT 1212OC Touch Screen Monitor

With the LBT-1212OC, Caltron Industries has built an innovative 12-inch touch screen monitor that meets business owners’ demands for a durable, cost-effective HMI solution that incorporates state-of-the-art technology.

With a “drop-in ready” design that is easily integrated into a variety of systems, the open-frame LBT-1212OC is well-suited for use in industries such as healthcare, financial, gaming, and retail. Made for indoor or outdoor use, Caltron’s touch display monitor is also ideal for ATMs, ticket dispenser displays, and kiosk interactive displays.

Caltron has engineered the LBT-1212OC to increase productivity and boost the profitability of the 21st century business. The monitor stands apart in many ways, including:

  • The way it’s built. Quality construction consists of a double-metal structure, robust touch sensors and commercial grade components that stand up to heavy use over time. The industrial grade LCD panel is guaranteed a three-to-five-year product life span, meaning lower replacement costs. Strategically located vents, not fans, cool the monitor and make operation quieter.
  • Straightforward integration. The LBT-1212OC’s touch screen display’s open-frame design enables fast assembly and flexibility in future product upgrades. Backward compatibility makes integration with older formats possible.
  • Improved end user functionality. Projected capacitive,” or P-Cap, touchscreen technology provides the LBT-1212OC with multi-finger touch capability, clear, bright displays, and resistance to water and dust. Along with a display resolution of 1024×768 and a high level of peak brightness, visibility is perfect under all types of conditions. A palm-sized active interact area allows for more information to be displayed on the screen compared to similar-sized monitors.

A Pioneer in the Development of Touch Screen Display Monitors

Over the last 20 years, Caltron Industries has led the way in the development of thin, lightweight LCD monitors for all types of applications. Open frame monitors introduced by the company in 1998 retain the same basic mechanical design, proof that Caltron products remain technologically viable for long-term usage.

Caltron also supports each of its products by working with the engineers of the original equipment manufacturer to minimize product development times.

Find out how Caltron Industries’ LBT-1212OC 12” touch screen display monitors can improve your equipment interface solutions. Call 510-440-1800 to speak to one of our sales representatives or email us.


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