Caltron Introduces Groundbreaking12-Inch HMI Monitor Design

June 1, 2016, Fremont, CA – Caltron Industries has introduced the LBT-1212OC, a groundbreaking 12-inch touch screen monitor that features major improvements in optics, assembly, and touch-screen capability.

The LBT-1212OC touch screen monitor is built for heavy-duty human machine interface applications such as gaming, retail, interactive kiosks, ATMs, and healthcare equipment. Caltron has incorporated “projected capacitive” – or P-Cap – touchscreen technology into the LBT-1212OC, which provides for multi-finger touch capability and bright, clear displays superior to those of touch technologies such as restive and surface acoustic wave.

The P-Cap interface is also well-suited to resist water and dust so it can be used for both indoor functions and outdoor applications such as ticket dispensers.

Display resolution of Caltron’s new monitor is 1024×768, higher than the 800×600 of other monitors. The improved resolution and palm-sized active interact area allows more information to be displayed on the screen compared to other 12-inch monitors.

Caltron Industries, a leading manufacturer of innovative open-frame monitors for nearly 20 years, has also engineered the LBT-1212OC to be “drop-in ready,” or easily integrated into various industrial systems for shorter assembly and production times.

Other features of the improved resolution screen include:

  • Fanless technology that distributes heat through ventilation slots and is quieter than monitors cooled by fans.
  • Better optic specs. With a brightness peak level of 400 candlelight, the monitor display is easier to view in any light conditions.
  • Industrial-grade LCD panels with product life spans of three to five years, meaning fewer costly equipment modifications. Touch sensors and electronic components in the LBT-1212OC are also commercial quality, and the structure itself is made of double layers of metal.
  • Backward compatibility with older formats. Monitor upgrades are possible without replacing entire systems.

Caltron Industries was a pioneer in the industrial conversion from tube monitors to thinner, lighter LCD technology in the late 1990s. Caltron products are built to last and designed to save production and replacement costs.

Every Caltron product includes engineering support to ensure Caltron’s monitors are successfully integrated into existing systems and the customer is satisfied.

Who is Caltron?

Since 1997, Caltron, Inc. has been providing OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and system integrators with high quality open frame monitor technology. Caltron has also provided North American retailers and businesses monitors and displays suitable for the modern economy. Since the dawn of the new century, LCD displays have quickly taken over the market that used to be dominated by CRTS (tube monitors/TVs). Caltron was one of the business leaders at the front of the revolution that’s allowed thinner, lighter, better displays through LCD technology.

Caltron’s latest generation of open frame monitors come with a variety of options, including PCAP (projected capacitive) multi-touch or 5-wire resistive single touch displays. All of these displays come in a steady metal frame with an industry-proven, professional design that ensures backward and future compatibility for years to come.

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