Building Custom Cables to Meet Your Applications

Building custom cables to meet the application needs of a client is common practice at Power Design Services.

Our ability to customize cable assemblies is great news for many of our clients who are new to product development. Seeking to avoid taking on an “electrical engineering” project themselves, they are often initially dismayed to learn that other companies that manufacture large amounts of cable are unable or unwilling to handle their small-scale specifications.

However, Power Design Services specializes in orders for printed circuit board prototypes and small to medium sized production runs of flex and rigid-flex circuit boards. Building quality custom cables is part of our comprehensive ISO 9001:2000 and ITAR certified work process that’s designed to be efficient while adhering to high standards of workmanship.

We Offer Faster PCB Development and Quality Functionality

As our new clients soon understand, relying on the Power Design Services team to handle all their custom cable requirements provides benefits to their business in several ways:

  • PCB development is smoother and easier. There’s no need to find a separate contractor to create custom-designed cables for your printed circuit board. We seamlessly integrate built-to-order cable assemblies into the process. A single PCB contractor who does it all makes overall product development smoother, easier, and less expensive, because we work quickly.
  • You get high-level cable design expertise. Many clients have only a vague idea of how they wish the cable assemblies on a prototype to work. We can help you create a detailed wiring diagram that provides a clear view of cable location, length, and gauge. Power Design Services typically assigns a single technician to oversee all phases of a project, including collaborating on a cable design. A well-executed diagram is also a helpful tool for manufacturers, should the product ever go into large-scale production. 
  • Our experience is your advantage. The Power Design Services team works with clients of all sizes, from a variety of industries. Some of our projects include Freedom Innovations’ bionic knee, GPS wildlife tracking devices for Telemetry Solutions, and satellites for NASA. We apply the knowledge we gain on high-level undertakings to every project we do, large and small. 
  • Quality is assured. Regardless of the application, Power Design Services completes every custom cable order to exact specifications. Systematic testing ensures that the cables, and the printed circuit board, function perfectly before shipping to the client.

Fast Turnarounds on Your Custom Cable Builds

Why should your company take on the added cost and stress of trying to produce cable assemblies or harnesses? Building custom cables to meet your application needs is a Power Design Services specialty. Call 408-478-95290 today to discuss your project with a Power Design Services technician.

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