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Is it Worth it to Use Google+ Anymore?

The death of Google+ has been talked about for some time now, but rumors really starting swirling when Google dropped its mandatory Gmail integration requirement late last year. Google traditionally required users to register for a Google+ account when they signed up for Gmail and other services. If it’s no longer mandatory for people to…

How to Write Compelling Facebook Ads

Although Facebook ads may only include a few lines of text, they can still be ridiculously hard to write. Unless you pay someone to write the ads for you, then you probably sit there and struggle to create ads of your own. So how can you write compelling Facebook ads that actually get clicks and…

15 Places Where Your Business Should be Listed

Maybe the traditional yellow book of listings is dead, but online directories certainly are not. Yet many businesses still lack online listings because they don’t know where they should be listing their business and whether more is better. In this particular instance, more is better. People conduct quick searches to find local businesses, so it…

Top Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation

Regardless of the size of your business, any type of negative information on the Internet can damage your reputation and affect your bottom line. People turn to the Internet to learn about today’s brands, how they do business, what the quality of their products is like and how they treat their customers. It’s important to…


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