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Intuitive Web-to-Print Software That Solves Problems

Web-to-print MIS storefronts are notorious for low user rates. Many storefronts are too difficult for clients to navigate because they are burdened with confusing features, inadequate instructions, or unprofessional designs. Ordant’s web-to-print software is designed to solve those problems. We created an intuitive solution for print shops that makes it easy to browse products and…

What Constitutes Copyright Infringement

Sometimes the most valuable assets a California business owns are not the physical buildings which house the employees or the land upon which such building sits, but the ideas, creations, and inventions that the company’s employees develop. Having any one of these creations stolen, pirated, or reproduced can rob the creating company of not only…

Smart Sites Give Local Businesses More Credibility

The majority of consumers do their research online before contacting or visiting a business. This means that their first impression of a business happens online.   If a prospective customer were to visit your website, what do you feel they would think of your business? Would you they look at you as being credible and…

Choosing the Best Social Network for Your Small Business

For the most part, no two businesses have the same exact target market. Even if your business sells something common like chocolates, you can still have a unique target market. For instance, maybe you sell fine chocolates that are given as corporate gifts, or perhaps your chocolates contain antioxidants and are directed toward health buffs….


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