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Lithographic Printing Vs. Digital Printing

Many customers assume all modern printing uses digital technology. While the digital process has revolutionized the print industry, it hasn’t taken over entirely. For several reasons, print shops still offer lithographic printing, often referred to as “offset litho”, as an alternative to digital. The printing method that best suits your business depends on the type…

Printing on House Stock Vs. Custom Stock

Estimate your printing costs better! The profitability of your print operation could hinge on the percentage of house stock vs. custom stock jobs you take on.  Learning how to estimate these costs and prices can save you time and money. In choosing a business model, print shops are well advised to remember the 80-20 rule;…

Concrete Stairs Don’t Need to Look Industrial

Designing concrete stairs for your new commercial center? Replacing the existing stairs in your HOA? Tap into your creativity and think outside the box! You can have virtually any shape, color and pattern that you want. Just because they are made from concrete does not mean your stairs must look traditional or boring. While you…

Making the Most of Constructive Email Marketing

Email marketing is often underutilized by businesses, but it shouldn’t be. It’s cost-efficient and simple. For a little bit of effort, you get a lot of reward. The key to a successful email marketing strategy is to reach your audience with content that they can use. If you are one of the many businesses that…


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