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Legal Considerations Before Signing a Commercial Lease

Most entrepreneurs do not understand that in a commercial lease the leasing agreement is whatever the parties decide. There is considerably less legal protection for a business in a commercial lease than in common residential leases. For example, in a commercial lease, the parties can opt out of many of the protections provided for by…

Maximize Your Online Marketing Budget with These 8 Tips

Maximize Your Online Marketing Budget with These 8 Tips Do you know how much you spend on marketing each year? A well-defined marketing plan gives you what you need to target the right people and grow your business while earning a profit. However, if you don’t keep on top of your spending, you can quickly…

Advantages Of Leasing A Box Truck

Leasing A Box Truck Delivers Big Advantages If you’ve had a previous experience leasing a car, you probably think leasing a box truck is similar. However, it’s not. At Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso, we have many customers who enjoy the advantages of leasing. Could leasing a box truck be beneficial for your business?  Leasing Often Involves Less Cost…

Asphalt Maintenance in the Summer

Why Asphalt Maintenance in the Summer is Essential You probably understand the consequences of failing to protect your skin from the summer sun. As your skin relies on sunblock for protection, so too does the asphalt on your commercial driveway or parking lot. Despite its durable façade, your asphalt can still be damaged by the…


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