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Ideas to Keep Middle School Students off their Cellphones

Are you having trouble getting your child to put down their phone? You aren’t alone. Many parents have this same dilemma and aren’t sure how to enforce the rules. After all, cell phones aren’t all bad. They can keep kids safe, facilitate independence and help with homework. Too much screen time, however, can get in the way of…

Pocket Door Troubles Are Often Caused by Clogged Pocket Door Tracks and Rollers

Pocket door tracks are notorious culprits behind run-of-the-mill pocket door mishaps. Along with the rollers, the tracks often get filled with dirt and other gunk that is normal in a household environment. In order to maintain your doors and ensure they glide obstacle-free in the pocket door tracks, it’s important to keep the tracks and…

Go Green with American Asphalt’s Sustainable Paving

Asphalt is used for many different applications, including parking lots, residential driveways and roadways. What you may not know about asphalt is that it’s good for the environment. Asphalt is the most recycled product in America – not aluminum, glass, plastic or paper! According to the Federal Highway Administration, 80 percent of asphalt pavement that’s removed…

Why You Should Replace Your Sliding Door Locks Regularly

Regular upkeep of sliding door locks is probably not something you have thought about in your customary home maintenance routines. While keeping locks clean may help extend the life of these mechanisms, if you have already noticed issues with your lock sticking or failing to operate properly, it’s probably time to replace it entirely. Faulty…


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