Article Marketing: A Free Promotion Strategy for Your Business

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Promoting your business by writing articles and letting other websites and blogs publish them free by including a link to your site—commonly called article marketing—is one of the most popular methods of free promotion you’ll find.
If you can write your own articles, as a lot of online marketers do, that’s great. But unless you’re a professional writer, or at least a passable one, hire someone to do the job for you, and do it well. Inferior writing will destroy your website and your online reputation quicker than a hungry eagle catching a jumping trout on a sunny day. It’s better to avoid this promotion method entirely—if you can’t do it skillfully—or pay someone who can to do it for you.
There are several important aspects to article marketing. One is to never write simply a sales letter and offer it as an article for free reprint to online publishers. Use the three to five-line resource box, often called a bio, that you include at the bottom of an article to do your selling. Be sure that the body of your article provide valuable content and information that a reader will be want to read, share, and publish on their own blog or website.
And be sure to make good use of white space. Keep your sentences short, your paragraphs short, and your articles—300 words is good, 500 is max. Your readers will appreciate it and keep coming back to your site for more content.
Be careful with the links as well, both in the body of your article, and in your resource box. Some of the article directories such as Ezine Articles, don’t allow internal links in an article. And most publishers who use reprint articles prefer one, or at the most two, links in your bio. Remember, less is more, where links are concerned.
The main purpose of writing articles is to provide valuable content that will attract visitors to your website. Done well, that can promote your business and increase your sales. Just keep those goals in perspective, and you’ll do well with article marketing as a free method for promoting your business online.



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