Are Social Media Algorithms a Thing?

The search engines rely on algorithms to organize information and return the most relevant results to users, but they aren’t the only ones. Social media sites are also switching to algorithm-based feeds. While these updated feeds may not mean much for users, they certainly do for marketers.


When algorithms are thrown into the mix, it forces brands to revamp their marketing efforts so that their content is showing up in the news feeds.


Let’s take a look at the different types of algorithms that some of our favorite social networks are using.




Facebook has been using an algorithm for a while now because of the massive amount of traffic and user-generated content. In order to deliver the right content to the right people, Facebook developed an algorithm early on.


Here are some of the factors that the algorithm places importance on.


  • How often users interact with posts
  • Which types of posts users interact with most
  • How often posts are hidden by others
  • How much engagement posts receive
  • How well posts have performed with people who have already interacted with them


The best way to make the Facebook algorithm work in your favor is to create relevant, high-quality content for your audience.




Twitter has been toying with a lot of new features, including the option to expand the character limit on tweets to 10,000 characters (which has been nixed for the time being). In the meantime, they’ve rolled out an algorithm that is similar to Facebook’s.


One of the new features you’ll see is the option to view “the best tweets you may have missed” which is similar to their old “while you were away” feature. This feature can provide you with additional engagement and organic reach.




Instagram has hinted that they, too, will be jumping on board with an algorithm of some sort. The feeds are getting too cluttered for users to see the things that are important to them, so an algorithm will ultimately be the best way to cut through the noise. Instagram stated that people miss, on average, 70 percent of their feeds.




Social media algorithms aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They cut through the clutter and put the right content into the right hands. At the same time, these algorithms increase competition because it forces brands to share prime real estate. That’s why paid advertising becomes a valuable tool because it can help your content be see by the right audience.


If you need help creating quality content that won’t be hindered by the social media algorithms, set up a call with WSI Net Advantage. We can also reevaluate your paid social strategy to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money. Call us today at 510-687-9737 or visit our contact page.


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