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Kevin Dean – Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If you’re not promoting your business on Facebook, then you may be missing out on a chance to contact a large number of people every day. Facebook has turned into one of the most popular social networks on the Internet and it’s an outstanding place to market your products and services. When you post your ad on Facebook you’ll see a boost in the amount of activity on your website almost immediately.

One way to market your business on Facebook is via social ads. You can use social ads to contact individuals based on their gender, age or interests. It’s also an excellent idea to incorporate pictures into your ads since images attract more attention than plain text.

You can create a Facebook group or fan page to market your business. By doing so, you can invite friends, family, colleagues and associates to become a follower of the page or join the group. You can use the invite task on Facebook to ask all everyone you know to join and ask them to invite their acquaintances, which will generate untold followers and a lot more publicity.


Word of mouth via Facebook is another way you can reach the world with your message. Try to become friends with as many people as possible, and join groups that relate in some way to your product or business. That will help you connect with others online and they will then be more apt to purchase from you. Selling to a friend is typically easier than selling to stranger.

Marketing your business takes time and persistence. It also requires you to use every tool at your disposal. Facebook is just one of many ways you can reach your target audience, bring added traffic to your website, and thus improve your SEO results.



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