7 Ways Yelp’s Check In Offers Benefit Your Business

Check in offers were introduced on Yelp back in 2010, but they are still underutilized by today’s businesses. The feature rewards customers for checking into a particular business location. The reward could be anything – a coupon for a future visit or an incentive for a free item. It can only be used by businesses that have a physical location that customers visit. If your business has one, check in offers are definitely worth checking out.


Here are 7 reasons why you should care about Yelp’s check in offers.


  1. Better Rankings


By now you know that it’s important to have a good presence on various listing sites in order to improve your ranking in the SERPs. But you should also care about where you rank on Yelp. Check ins help you rank better on both Yelp and and Google, so encouraging them is a great way to boost visibility.


  1. More Reviews


Reviews are another way to gain visibility in the SERPs, but it’s not always easy to get reviews from customers. Also, Yelp’s review filter is fairly strict, making it even harder to get reviews. By offering an incentive for check ins, you increase the likelihood that customers will leave you a review – and Yelp approves of this.


  1. Repeat Business


Repeat business is good for any business. One of the best ways to encourage repeat business is by offering incentives on future purchases. After a certain number of check ins, customers can redeem their reward, which encourages loyalty to your brand.


  1. Affordable Marketing Tactic


Many marketing tactics these days require a bit of cash on the front end, but it takes nothing to offer a coupon code or free item. Thanks to Yelp’s check in feature, you can reward customers without having to spend money on a costly campaign.


  1. New Audience to Reach


Small business owners earn an average of $8,000 a year from Yelp accounts, so it’s clear that people are using the site. You can easily reach out to a new audience and expand your reach. The people are there – you just have to connect with them.


  1. Good Rapport with Customers


Not only do check in offers encourage repeat business but also they strengthen the rapport you have with current customers. People choose which businesses to visit based on these factors. If a customer is deciding upon three pizza places for the evening, they’ll choose yours if you have an incentive and the others don’t.


  1. Word of Mouth


When a customer checks into your location, Yelp broadcasts this to the person’s friends and connections. This brings added exposure to your brand. And because you’re not spending anything on the marketing, you basically get free attention directed toward your company.


Since the 2014 Pigeon update, Yelp has been dominating the search results for local queries, aside from Google+ and your website. It’s clear that people actively use Yelp to check into businesses, post about their experiences and share them with friends. By offering an incentive, you’re significantly increasing your chances that customers will leave a review and return in the future.

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