7 Announcements from Facebook’s F8 Conference

7 Announcements from Facebook’s F8 Conference 

Facebook’s F8 Conference was held earlier this month – May 1 & 2 – in San Jose, California. The two days were spent showcasing new tools, viewing amazing work from the developers and discovering new ways to bring the world closer together. Mark Zuckerberg even made several exciting announcements about what we can anticipate in the coming year.

If you haven’t had time to check out the videos from the F8 Conference, we’ve covered some of the main highlights for you. Enjoy!

1. Facebook Dating

Probably the biggest announcement from the conference is Facebook’s new dating feature. Facebook Dating will be rolled out later this year as part of the main Facebook app. Users can add a dating profile, but it’s not visible to their friends.

The dating option will offer similar features as other dating apps and use big data to match users based on personality, interests, family history and more. Despite concerns over how Facebook handles privacy, Facebook Dating is expected to be hot. At the time it was announced, shares in Tinder and OKCupid fell by more than 20%.

2. Chatbots Now Allowed

Chabots are no longer banned on Facebook. This is great news for businesses that use Messenger to communicate with their customers.

A couple of months ago, Facebook was under fire for allowing breaches of more than 50 million users. As a result, an embargo was placed on new apps, including chatbots. Fortunately, this embargo was lifted and businesses can now connect Facebook Messenger apps to their Facebook Pages.

3. Clear History

After the Cambridge Analytica issue, data privacy and security have been under scrutiny. In an effort to correct some of these shortcomings, Facebook is now launching a new privacy feature called Clear Search History. This feature lets users delete their browsing history, similar to deleting cookies on a computer.

For users who want to better control their privacy, this option will offer peace of mind. But, it will make things less personalized because Facebook won’t know which ads to show or content to suggest. Still, the tradeoff will be worth it for some.

4. Instagram Video Chat

Facebook owns Instagram, which is a bonus considering that the app must keep pressure on the ever-growing Snapchat. Instagram is rolling out a video chat feature for Instagram Direct. This will take the app to a new level, as it can be used for more than posting selfies and adding to Stories.

In addition to the video chat feature, there will also be a new comment filter that offers protection from bullying. The filter automatically hides offensive comments and can block specific emojis or words.

5. Messenger with Translation

With people from all over the world using Facebook, it makes sense that Facebook Messenger would bridge language gaps. Coming to Messenger will be translation features that allow messages to be converted from English-Spanish and other languages.

Not only is the translation feature great for personal use but also business use. Now, when people are buying products from other countries, they can receive communications in their native language. As a result, ecommerce will be possible despite language barriers.

6. Oculus TV

Facebook is launching its own virtual reality television network. Facebook already owns the Oculus virtual reality platform, so it’s no stranger to VR. At this time, Oculus TV has Facebook Watch content available, but this is only the beginning. In the future, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix are also expected to be available.

With Facebook looking to expand their virtual reality offerings, it’s no surprise that they have recently released the Oculus Go headset for $199. This particular model has 32GB of onboard storage. If You want more, you’ll have to select the 64GB VR headset at $249. The Oculus Go is a great alternative to the Samsung Gear VR and offers a more customized experience without breaking the bank.

7. Sharing to Facebook

Facebook is allowing content to be shared to Facebook and Instagram from sites like Spotify, SoundCloud and GoPro. It’s part of a new agreement that lets users share more of their life as they travel, discover new music and more.

Until now, users had to screenshot third-party apps. With Facebook and Instagram being open to sharing from other apps, people can automatically share a photo or video from their favorite playlist or video. All apps that want to be involved must go through a strict review process before sharing can take place.


The F8 Conference did not disappoint! The conference touched on just about every topic, ranging from artificial intelligence to virtual reality. By paying attention to the latest trends, you can take your Facebook marketing strategy to the next level. Contact WSI Net Advantage for a full assortment of social media management solutions! We can be reached at 510-687-9737 or by filling out our online contact form.


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