5 Tips for a More Effective Paid Search Campaign

When writing a paid search campaign, you must select a set of keywords and write an ad that will then appear when someone searches for one of the keywords in the search engines. When a person clicks on the ad, you pay for the ad based on your pre-set budget. The greatest benefits to paid search include increased brand awareness, generating quality leads and boosting sales.

Below are five tips for creating more effective paid search campaigns and making the benefits more real for your business.


  • Choose Peak Times

Adjust your campaign so that ads show during peak times when your audience is searching for your products. This will involve an understanding of your audience and when they tend to be online. Choose the Edit Campaign Settings and choose Ad Scheduling, which allows you to turn on and off campaigns at specific times. If you find that a lot of activity goes on at certain times of the day, you can up your budget for those times.

  • Use Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords always deserve attention, so take advantage of Google’s free Keyword Tool that is accessible when you’re logged into AdWords. You can learn a lot about which keywords your audience is searching for and the competition against them. It’s also beneficial to choose long-tail keywords that benefit customers who are searching for specific products or niche items. Plus, with these less popular terms, you won’t have to pay as much and you’ll benefit from prospects that know what they are looking for.


  • Create Engaging Ad Copy


Once you make it in front of your audience, you don’t want to fail at the last step. In order to keep customers engaged, you must create compelling ad copy. You have the person’s attention, so it’s up to you to have ad copy that is distinct and interesting and uses good keywords. Also include a clear call to action.


  • Think Seasonally

Leverage the various times of the year to better sell your products or services. Some products sell better due to the holidays, weather or other types of events. If your products fit a particular season, it makes sense to increase your spend leading up to those months. The boosted traffic and increase in leads and sales will offset the higher advertising cost.


  • Measure Success with AdWords

AdWords Editor is a free tool that helps in managing large campaigns, including uploading bulk campaigns and keywords and making changes to the entire campaign. Search Query Performance Reports is another helpful tool that reports what people are searching for that triggers your ads. This information is helpful when planning out paid search campaigns.

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