Are You Doing These 5 Social Media Tasks Each Day?

Social media is an effective marketing channel, but it’s one of the most difficult inbound channels to master. Some of the best advice is to be committed and consistent. One way to help with this is by doing the same social media tasks each day. By completing the same tasks, you keep on top of your social presence and boost performance.

Below are five social media tasks to focus on daily. They’re easy and won’t consume much time, but with diligence and practice, they can lead you to success.

1. Identify the top trends.

Participating in trending topics helps you get your brand in front of a larger audience. But, you have to know when to participate. If your business is in the auto industry and cupcakes are a trending topic, you probably won’t have any way to connect the two. So don’t force it. Only go with it if it makes sense.

To discover what’s trending, use a tool like Google Trends that lists out the most popular topics at the moment. You can also monitor your social channels such as Facebook and Twitter for trending topics. Look for topics that relate to your business in some way and use them to generate new posts. This can especially come in handy if you’re stuck on ideas!

2. Respond to all messages.

Brand interactions are highly important, so treat them as such. Ideally, it’s best to respond to brand mentions right away, but this isn’t always possible, especially if you have limited staff. If you take the time to respond to all brand mentions each day, it means the longest a person will wait is one day.

So what are some of the ways that you can respond?

  • A simple thank you goes a long way. “Hi! Thanks for sharing this picture. We love it too!”
  • If the conversation can continue, go for it. You might want to offer an additional resource or ask for an opinion. “We’re glad to hear you liked the hats. Which color is your favorite?”
  • GIFs and memes are fun ways to show that you received the message and appreciate it. They are also helpful in instances where you don’t have the time (or motivation) to come up with a custom message.

It’s possible that a negative brand mention will pop up on occasion. If this is the case, address the issue, providing that it’s legitimate. Apologize for what went wrong, and request that the customer contact you directly. “I’m sorry you didn’t like your hat. Here at Hat Store, we want all our customers to be happy. Call us at our direct line and we’ll work something out.”

3. Engage in real-time conversation.

Social media is highly relevant. Many people turn to Facebook or Twitter to learn about what’s going on in the world as opposed to a newspaper or news show. By participating in real-time interactions, you can make your brand more timely and relevant. Plus, the live conversations that you have with customers will build stronger relationships.

One of the simplest ways to engage in real-time communication is through a forum-type platform such as Twitter chats or LinkedIn Groups. This isn’t a time to talk about yourself but rather to educate people in the conversation. You may also track specific keywords and respond to relevant mentions.

For example, your hat company knows it’s a great fit for people who love winter activities such as skiing or sledding. You can respond to people who mentioned a related keyword (i.e., winter vacation, snow ski trip) to these activities and offer your hat as a suggestion for keeping them warm. The reason why this works well is because it brings exposure to your product without mentioning it directly.

4. Discover top-performing content.

The nice thing about content is that it can be repurposed, saving you time and money. To discover which content has been well-received by your audience, you can use social media. Each day, check to see which social content performed well the day before.

Tools are available to help you track top performing content, such as Buffer and Google Analytics. Use the analytics to identify how much traffic the content pulled in, when it received the most views and how people engaged with it.

When you identify content that does well, add it to your social content calendar to be shared again. Fresh content is always important, especially on social media, but there will be times when you’ve run out of ideas or need additional content to expand your interactions. If you know the content was valuable, you can add a new spin to it and generate buzz.

5. Curate your best content from the day.

One last thing you should do each day is curate the last 24 hours of your content, as long as what you’re sharing is relevant. With the wide range of tools available for curating content, it’s a low-effort job.

There are a couple of reasons for curating content. First, by sharing or retweeting a user’s activity, you show that you appreciate their engagement. Second, you demonstrate that you are paying attention and see the value in building stronger relationships. While it’s not necessary to curate content everyday, it’s something that you should get into the habit of doing often.

Below are a few suggestions for curating content on social media.

  • Create a Moment on Twitter and share it using a Tweet. Tag any of the users that were included in your Tweet. Or, check out Twitter lists to help you find content to retweet, which might come from some of your influencers.
  • Follow blogs that have ties to your business and share their blogs from your social accounts. Examples include local businesses, customers or partners. You probably won’t want to share blogs from your competitors though!
  • Curate your comments section for fresh insight. Pay attention to the posts that have been interacted with the most, such as those that were highly shared or commented on.

It’s a new year, so good habits you implement today will be much more likely to stick around if you start practicing them daily!

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