5 Reasons to Invest in a Professional Website Design Company

It’s 2015. You know that already of course, but you must ask yourself if your website meets the needs of customers today. Also, how is your website seen by Google? Google looks for websites that are streamlined, accessible and chock full of fresh, relevant content. When your website is ranked well by Google, it puts you in the top rankings and exposes you to thousands of new customers daily.

A strong online presence is one of the most valued aspects of your overall marketing strategy. Yet despite its importance, webmasters can still be hesitant to invest in a professional web design, largely because of budget constraints. With the free DIY website design templates available, businesses are even more misled regarding the importance of a professionally designed website.

It’s a new year, and now is a good time to reconsider your website, its long-term success and its adaptability to Google’s algorithms. Google is becoming less forgiving and users are expecting more. You don’t want to fall behind your competitors now. Let’s look at five reasons why you should invest in a professional website design company.

  1. Save Time and Money

The initial cost of building a website is what turns people off, but it actually saves money in the long run. Websites are cheaper than traditional paper listings and expose you to a larger audience, giving you a greater ROI. With analytics, you can track your customers and measure what tactics are most effective. This allows you to manage your advertising budget and improve marketing campaigns where necessary. Plus, having a professional website gives your company a better image and keeps you in line with your competitors, increasing leads, conversions and sales.

As for time, a well-designed website serves as a good informational tool. You can answer common customer questions through an FAQ page. You can also sell yourself through an About Us page rather than doing this over the phone or in email. Additionally, you can have a page where customers fill out their information for a free quote or estimate, allowing you to generate leads with little effort.

2. Improve Customer Service

Your website is not only an informational tool but also a place where customers can enjoy a better experience with your company. Customers feel more comfortable buying from a company that has an active online presence. With a professional website, you can offer several options where customers can connect directly with customer service such as through online chat or email. The better experiences customers have with your company, the more your image and reputation is improved.

3. Target a Larger Audience

Professional websites allow you to target a global audience and even secure transactions from around the world. You can set up targeted campaigns using different platforms to reach particular audiences, but your website is a main portal where all customers can go for information and support. This ensures that all customers have the same positive interactions with your business.

In addition to targeting a larger audience, you can also stay ahead of the curve for marketing opportunities with your clients. With the tools available, you can segment your audience based on their location, age, interests, etc. and offer specific services. A professional web design company also ensures that you’re consistent with the latest trends and fads. And with the changing algorithms from Google, it’s critical that your site follows the best practices at all times.

4. Updated, Relevant Information

Remember the days when everything was printed and you couldn’t easily change what was there? With a website, it’s easy to change and update information as necessary. Your website is live and organic, and it continually evolves with your audience. This gives your customers reasons to check back often to read new content, explore new products and learn about upcoming changes or advancements. A professional design makes all of this easy to accomplish without spending additional money.

5.  Offers Long-Term Value

The internet is the main channel that people use to search for products, services and information. How people respond to and interact with your website influences where your site ranks with Google. A professional website also keeps customers interested and engaged, helping you build lasting relationships. All of this is good for organic SEO and will allow your website to be resilient against future algorithm updates.
Need a professionally designed website for your small business? Check out what WSI Net Advantage can offer your business while respecting your budget. Contact us today at 510-687-9737.

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