4 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most affordable ways to get your brand in front of customers, and it will play a role in your holiday marketing strategy. It’s important to know what goes into a great email marketing campaign, particularly during the holidays when customers have very specific needs in mind. Among them is a personalized shopping experience, social integration and a focus on mobile.


Let’s take a look at four great ways to boost your email marketing strategy for the holiday season.


  1. Add social sharing buttons to your emails.


One of the easiest ways to spread some holiday cheer is by adding social sharing buttons to your emails. Readers are not going to share your emails if it’s hard to do, so place them in an accessible place with a short sentence like, “sharing is caring” or “thanks for sharing.” This way, if someone gets an email from you with a cool product or valuable information that their friends can benefit from, they can easily share it on their social profiles.


  1. Personalize your emails to make recipients feel special.


If there’s one thing about the holidays, it’s the strengthened relationship between brands and customers through appreciation. Show your customers that you value their loyalty to your company by personalizing their emails. Rather than titling your emails with something generic like “friend” or “customer,” insert the names of your customers. Also be sure to keep the tone friendly and directed toward the customer, as if you were speaking to them directly .


  1. Prioritize the mobile shopping experience.


Mobile sales are expected to increase this holiday shopping season, so your website should be up to par. The most basic thing you should have in check is a mobile-friendly website either through responsive design or a mobile-dedicated website. Either is fine; just make sure you have one. Then dig deeper to see how you can enhance the mobile shopping experience such as by adding buy buttons and one-click checkouts. Be sure align your emails with this trend.


  1. Segment your email marketing lists.


A final way to boost your holiday email marketing strategy is with email segmentation. No two customers are the same. Of course, you can’t give everyone individual attention when you have thousands of customers, which is why segmenting your email lists is helpful. You can gain deeper insight into what customers are looking for and then create emails that match your audience. After all, a customer who has been loyal to your brand shouldn’t receive the same email as someone who has only bought from you once.


If you need help recharging your email marketing strategy for the holidays, schedule a consultation with WSI Net Advantage. We look forward to hearing from you!



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