3 Ways to Create Better Instagram Content

Instagram recently hinted at the possibility of using an algorithm to help organize their news feeds and cut down on clutter. This has sent marketers into a frenzy as they realize that the latest social network will soon be restricting their audience reach.


The concern is certainly warranted. When Facebook’s News Feed algorithm was launched, it limited the reach of brand Pages significantly. If Instagram’s algorithm is anything similar, it could do the same. The audiences that these brands have spent years trying to build could now be compromised.


The good news is that an algorithm on Instagram probably won’t have as much impact as Facebook’s. For one, Instagram doesn’t have brand Pages, so they can’t treat brands differently than individual users. What the algorithm will focus most on, we can assume, is showing the right content to the right people.


With this in mind, it’s imperative that you are creating relevant, engaging content for your Instagram audience. This will help you get a better foothold on your followers and safeguard you from an imminent algorithm.


Here are three ways to create better Instagram content.


  1. Connect with people on a human level.


Let your imagination run wild with your images.


Find new ways to look at an ordinary object, for example. Capture the personality of your employees while they are enjoying an average day in the office. Document people using your product or service to better their lives.


Anyone can do staged pictures. Make your images pop out by being personable and relatable.


  1. Understand what your followers want.


Think about your audience and the types of content they want to see on Instagram. Are they following you to be entertained? Intrigued? Do they prefer photos of people or abstract ideas?


Not only do you need to better understand your audience but also see the world through their lens. Identify which types of images grab their attention and why that’s the case.


  1. Present new perspectives.


Sometimes you don’t need to create brand new images to stand out. A fresh perspective may be all you need to grab your audience’s attention.


Think about how many times you see the same quotes, written in the same standard typography. When users see these quotes posted all over their news feed, they learn to scroll right past them.


How can you take something ordinary and turn it into something marvelous? By adjusting the font, colors or format. You may also use stock photography and edit the images to make them your own. It’s an easy and affordable way to promote your brand.


Instagram is a great addition to your social media marketing strategy. If you haven’t created a profile yet, WSI Net Advantage can get you set up. We know what it takes to develop a strong presence on social media to increase engagement, traffic and sales. Call us today at 510-687-9737 or fill out our contact form.

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