3 Reasons Marketing Automation Benefits Your ECommerce Site

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Marketing automation is an extremely useful tool, especially for ecommerce. You can use automation for everything, from optimizing conversion rates to predicting customer behavior.

Though marketing automation takes some time to set up, it’s worth every second. Before long, you’ll be cruising through many processes and enjoying increased engagement, sales and ROI.

Let’s discuss three ways that marketing automation can boost your ecommerce site.

  1. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is frustrating! The customer was almost there – but something prevented them from making the final decision.

Most online businesses struggle with shopping cart abandonment to some degree. The average cart abandonment rates are at 68 percent. Wow! This means that if your cart abandonment is on par with these numbers, you could be losing two-thirds of your potential business!

To reduce cart abandonment, use marketing automation to send out abandonment emails – short messages that remind customers of the products they left in their carts. Not only should you personalize the email, but also add in an incentive.

  1. Running Detailed Reports

It’s very important that you understand your customers, otherwise it’s going to be difficult to sell your products to them. Luckily, you have analytics on your side.

To run even more detailed reports, most marketing automation tools can be integrated with platforms like Google Analytics. This way, you’re able to track traffic and conversion rates.

Using this data, you can learn a lot about what’s working for you. Are visitors using your social buttons? How long are users staying on your pages? What is the number of products the average shopper looks at?

  1. Understand Customer Demographics

Another aspect of ecommerce that marketing automation works well for is a better understanding of the demographics of your audience. Thanks to features like geo-targeting, you can get to the bottom of where your audience is coming from as well as their age, gender, interests, etc.

When you know the demographics of your audience, you can modify your channels as you see fit. Customers always respond better to content that is personalized and relevant to their needs. Reach out to customers with emails that are tailored to their specific location, age group, etc. to get the right products into the right hands.

Marketing automation is an amazing tool that can make the everyday operations of running a business much easier. If you are ready to add marketing automation to your ecommerce strategy, call WSI Net Advantage today at 510-687-9737. You can also contact us online.   

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