2015 Marketing Checklist

Written By: Eric Wiedenmann
Market Development Group, Inc.
(925) 648-0680


Eric Wiedenmann

Eric Wiedenmann

This is from Eric’s most recent newsletter.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  To sign up, just contact Eric or sign up on his website.

1. __ Never stop selling. A company that thinks that their product or service is so good it will sell itself or the company that feels that everyone needs their product or service because they have been in business for X years will generally go out of business.
2. __ Ask for referrals. The least expensive business development tool is a referral. Not only are referrals inexpensive, they have a high return on investment since trust has been built up by your referral partner which often results in a higher than average closure rate.
3. __ Fire customers that need to be fired. Clients that do not pay their bills, are obnoxious, and always ask for a discount do not appreciate your value. They are taking away the limited time that you have to work with the clients that produce your highest revenue and profits.
4. __ Take care of your “internal customers.” Your employees are often the face of your company. Happy employees will take care of your customers and go out of their way to provide your customers with a positive experience.
5. __ Follow up with your customers. You must follow up with your customers on a consistent basis to ensure that they are happy with your product or service. A combination of face to face, telephone, and on-line feedback are methods that will increase customer retention.


Note from Kevin:  Eric and I have networked together for more than ten years. His company, Market Development Group (MDG), aims to provide practical revenue and profit generator tools for MDG clients, colleagues and friends. The Revenue Accelerator™ newsletter circulation (in its 34th edition) has grown to over 3,500 business leaders worldwide since our first issue was published in 2006. He welcomes any suggestions of articles or topics you would like to have included in future issues.


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